The Place Where Everything Changes

Akiko Busch’s article, Life on the Edge (NY Times, 12/27/13) addressed the meeting of the old and new years using an ecological metaphor. 

He described the ecotone, the space where two habitats merge, like pond and woods, woods and lawn, lawn and garden. He calls it the “edge habitat, where everything—soil content, vegetation, moisture, humidity, light, pollination—changes.” It’s a charged and vital place. Unusual encounters can occur. The balance of things changes.

Busch’s ideas about two years meeting reminded me of Jung’s psychological concept of liminality. Liminal, from the Latin word “limin”, means threshold. The place of being between. Not who we were and not who we will become. There’s more “I don’t know” than “I’m sure of this,” and more awareness that anything can happen. Rules may bend and possibilities multiply, marked by spontaneity and feeling. Am I open to more vitality, more vulnerability, more risk?