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On Google, I can search the word, “chocolate,” or I can search for the image of chocolate. The first search offers millions of words about the history and content and availability of chocolate. The second search delivers a picture of the thing itself: lush, creamy, dark or light, shimmering shapes in foil and ribbons, or plain bars. The image gets me closer to the essence of chocolate, to chocolate-ness itself. And while it’s useful to know that chocolate comes from cacao beans and that dark chocolate is good for me, the image of a milk chocolate truffle powdered with cinnamon affects me on a different set of circuits.

It bypasses my left-brained intelligence as it stirs and attracts me. That image goes right into my nervous system, into my senses. My mood lightens, my mouth waters. I think of candy I’ve enjoyed recently. I notice I want some. Now.

Images are a powerful language, older than words and deeper than thought. They speak in our dreams free from limited day time logic. They affect us if we give them time and attention. Hover with an image from your dreams this week. See where it takes your thoughts and feelings. Allow it to affect you. Learn something new about yourself and your life.