What Does My Dream Mean?

That’s always the first question. But, sorry. There is no standardized meaning. Dreams can’t be interpreted once and for all because they are many-faceted, their images rich in associations. To begin to understand a dream, spend time with the images the same way you would with a person you want to get to know.

Using your imagination—that other way of knowing—step back into the dream without the pressure of having to find a “meaning.” Hang out there, watch it unfold. Study the characters, including your dream self. Learn what’s important to each, how they treat each other. Try on the emotions in the dream. Practice holding various points of view shown in the dream. Feel what it’s like to be each of those characters. Notice who and what you draw away from, and wonder why. Have frank conversations with the dream characters and listen to their responses. Allow yourself to be touched in whatever way the dream touches you.

Spending time with the dream alters us, just as developing relationships broadens us. We begin to consider attitudes and behaviors that were not part of our consciousness. Our emotional palate is enriched; new ways of relating suggest themselves.

Bring new awarenesses from the dream into waking life. By practicing and integrating them in the daylight, you are becoming more whole.