I Had a Dream, But…

I, and most of the people who talk to me about their dreams, tend to separate them from the rest of our experiences. We don’t let them take up space in the part of the world we call Real. We treat them like cartoons, or fairy tales. Sometimes interesting, but merely a joke the unsupervised mind plays on us.

In short, we resist our dreams. I hear, “I don’t dream” or “It’s only a dream.” Or “I had a really strange dream. You’re going to think I’m crazy,” or “I had a dream but it didn’t make any sense.” There are endless ways to minimize these nightly course corrections.

There’s plenty of cultural support for denying our dreams. They are messy, unmanageable, even subversive. They are entirely personal and idiosyncratic. They rely more on instinct than intellectual prowess. The daily demand for logic and unquestioning productivity erase their significance and lead us to devalue them.

But they are real and have been since humans began reflecting on their beings. Dreams are imagination at full tilt, an elegant blend of chemicals and electric, memory and instinct, emotion and narrative. Dreams are answers to questions we haven’t asked yet. They are another way of knowing the life we’re living and invitation to expand our awareness of who we are.

Just for this month, notice, welcome, your dreams. Allow that they are. Try not to dis them.