Body Intelligence

I didn't see the black ice, but that must have been what I stepped on. And then, I was lying on the icy blacktop, still clutching the greyhounds' leashes. They waited while I laid very still checking whether my parts still worked. Fortunately they did.

Tho it was a long time ago, I remember this fall very clearly. It was an embodied moment. The brain in my head didn't have time to get involved. As my feet left the ground in a Rockett-style kick, thought stopped and I belonged to my body in a way I've rarely belonged before. My intelligent body felt the mid-air suspension, and as I fell back, my torso twisted to land on my side rather than my back. 

Though I had no intellectual memory of the tumble, for hours I felt the motions of the fall in my body. My body  was explaining to my brain what had happened, and so the story I'm telling is second hand information. My body knew before the brain in my head did what was happening and what to do. 

The fall wasn't any fun. But the automatic response of my body is comforting to recall. Body is an ally I often overlook.