For more than 25 years I have been studying, seeing clients and writing about the possibilities of more deliberate, conscious living. It’s exciting to be practicing psychology at a time when we have so many tools to help change happen more efficiently and effectively.

My own experiences with anxiety and depression have contributed to my effectiveness in helping clients find their way out of pain into more contented, creative and productive lives. I’m challenged and gratified to continue learning with them what being human is all about. 

Writing has been a great pleasure for me. My books and blog offer accessible information on a range of topics. “Waking Your Dreams” invites you to get acquainted with the images that visit your dreams. “Still Life. A Parent’s Memoir of Life Beyond Stillbirth and Miscarriage” offers a look at the long term and transformative effects of catastrophic loss. Currently, I’m working on a book of essays on our amazing, intelligent bodies. I’ve also written for newspapers and have had prose and poetry published in journals, magazines and anthologies. 

Emma & Sophie

Emma & Sophie

I’ve taught psychology at Villanova, Immaculata and Newmann Universities, and I’ve given interviews on psychological topics on several radio and TV shows. Occasionally, I enjoy offering classes on psychological topics and writing at my office.

If you come in to the office, you'll find our work helped along by the gentle presence of my dog, Sophie. 

-Dr. Emma Mellon’s exciting practicing psychology in a time when we have so many tools to help change happen.
— Dr. Emma Mellon, PhD., Psychologist